Finnish Space Metallers NEORHYTHM Unleash Lyric Video for “Fibonacci Sequence”

Finnish Space Metal Duo NEORHYTHM have released a lyric video for “Fibonacci Sequence,” a track from new EP Meteoric Thoughts. The video was created by Metko Vizigot.

NEORHYTHM recently released the Meteoric Thoughts EP. The follow-up to last year’s creatively aggressive debut album, Zetetic, includes three new tracks, as well as pummeling covers of DISTURBED’s “Stricken” and MUDVAYNE’s “Dig.”

Stream Meteoric Thoughts in its entirety:

Meteoric Thoughts is available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, Napster, Deezer, Tidal, and Amazon:

NEORHYTHM offer what can only be described as Metal from Space. Creative in concept and aggressive in approach, you are cordially invited  to take an interstellar journey that will prove impossible to forget. Meteoric Thoughts was recorded and produced by NEORHYTHM.  The EP was mixed/mastered at BlastbearSound. The artwork was created by Orm Embar.

“Heaviness, powerful riffs and massive sound.”
 – Death Magnetic

The band play an accessible brand of heaviness that takes elements of groove metal, metalcore, and hardcore and mixes it together to create something that’s quite nicely put together. The band’s music, although accessible, stays away from a lot of the standard commercial metal tropes.”– Wonderbox Metal

“Harsh, emotive vocals overlay the driving rhythms, and guitars wind their way around them to wrap up a nice little package.” – The Moshville Times


On a distant planet in the constellation E61,3 (which we call Neuw ourselves), two renegade traitors of interstellar spaces from the red subrace of Nameless decided to penetrate the Virgo Supercluster. It happened on the earthly calendar in the year 1703. For more than 300 years our spaceship plowed through the galaxy until it came across the Milky Way to the bright yellow dwarf G2V, which you call Sol.

A strong stream of stellar wind carried us to the orbit of planet Earth, where as a result of a breakdown of one of the plasma engines we were forced to land in the geographic terrestrial region of Lapland, in a barren taiga. Since we needed help, we sent encrypted sound signals to all regions of the universe, as well as to the top leaders of the human Terra planet, to provide us with technological support. Our signals, converted into musical scales, were intercepted by the developed radio frequencies of earthlings, and you can now listen to them in the form that you call songs.

“Ever wondered what Meshuggah would sound like if their rhythms weren’t so complicated?” Neorhythm are the answer.”  – The Independent Voice


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