GRAVESTONE News about ARS ARCANA and teaser new Singer

After the forced stop of over 2 months, the Roman death metallers Gravestone have finally re-entered the studio to complete the recordings of their second full-length, which arrives after the 1994 “Simphony of Pain” (just before the twenty-year split-up ) and the two EPs, “Proud to be Dead” from 2017 and “Simphony of Dead” from 2019.

At the beginning of March theese guys just started the recordering sessions, between the “16th Cellar Studio” by Stefano Morabito and the “Trick Studio” by Andrea Mattei.

Now today, Gabriele has finished all the rhythms and guitar leads, while for the keyboards (which will then be engineered by Riccardo Studer) Massimiliano is now completing the last track.

The graphics were created by graphic designer Fabio Listrani.

The concept of the disc is inspired by the fantasy novel “Gens Arcana” by the Italian author Cecilia Randall, set in the Florence of the Medici; hence the title of the album “Ars Arcana” whose provisional tracklist is as follows:

-Santa Militia
-Quinta Essentia
-The Slaughter Conspiracy
-The Death of Folco de ‘Nieri

Finally, Gravestone finally give us a small preview about the new frontman, gifting to us this sibylline clip …

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