SELFMADEGOD RECORDS is proud to announce signing a deal for releasing new album of HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL in May 2022!

Here is what the band saying about the signing:

“After a long silence we have the pleasure of finally announcing that we have signed a deal with polish grindcore juggernaut SELFMADEGOD RECORDS for the release of our upcoming full-length in 2022, right on time for our 25th anniversary celebrations. Much more is being cooked, so stay tuned for more news.”

Hailing from Porto, Portugal, Holocausto Canibal is a force to be reckoned since 1997. Unanimously considered one of the most unique and well known Portuguese extreme bands, they travelled through more European countries that you can think of and crossed the Atlantic for extensive tours in Brasil and the USA. The audience span reaches the depths of the most obscure venues to the highlights of mainstream art exhibitions and national TV in an unique case of success, longevity, notoriety and proficiency in extreme music and performances. In its 22nd year of existence, Holocausto Canibal will keep on spreading the sickness and shocking audiences with their own unique brand of extremity.

Very active band performing live having appeared at several major European festivals, including: Fuck The Commerce VII, XI and XIII [Germany], Obscene Extreme 2005 and 2013 (Czech Republic), Deathfeast Open Air 2008 (Germany), Caos Emergente 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009 (Portugal), Fekal Party v9.0 (Czech Republic), SWR Fest III, VI, X, XV and XX (Portugal), Antitrend Bizarre Leprous II (Czech Republic), Eaten Alive (Italy tour 2008), Confessions of Grindcore (Finnish Tour 2010), etc… being always able to perform extensive touring, which also happened in Brazil and the United States of America.

Nowadays Holocausto Canibal consists of Z. Pedro (bass), António C. (guitars) and Diogo P. (drums), and Orca R. [vocals].

Opus I [Demo 1998] 
Gonorreia Visceral [Full-length 2000] 
Sublime Massacre Corpóreo [Full-length 2002] 
Libido Dispareunia [EP 2003] 
Do the Right Thing [Split w/ Grimness 2003] 
Morbosa Carnosidade Putrefacta [Split w/ Mixomatosis 2005]
Opusgenitalia [Full-length 2006] 
Visceral Massacre Memorabilia [Compilation 2008] 
Gorefilia [Full-length 2012] 
Kadaverficker / Holocausto Canibal [Split 2013] 
Compêndio de Aversões [EP 2013] 
Larvas [EP 2014] 
Intravisceral Exhibition [Split w/ Desecration 2015] 
No Sleep ‘Til Trutnov [Live Album 2016] 
Catalépsia Necrótica: Gonorreia Visceral Reanimada [Full-length 2017] 
Assintonia Hertziana [Live album 2019]


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