Epic Doom Crew MONASTERIUM Release New Single: “Cimmeria”


Polish Epic Doom Crew MONASTERIUM have released the second single, “Cimmeria,” from forthcoming album Cold Are The Graves.

Stream the song at:

MONASTERIUM will release their third album, Cold Are The Graves, on June 10 via Nine Records.



Nine Records:

The vinyl LP version of Cold Are The Graves is set for September release.

Cold Are The Graves follows 2019’s acclaimed sophomore album Church of Bones, one that raised the bar even higher compared to the band’s self-titled debut album. Cold Are The Graves includes eight heavy doom songs full of emotions, adventures, and epic myths. On offer are classic heavy doom riffs in the vein of 80s masters like Candlemass and Manilla Road.

Track List:

  1. The Stigmatic [Lyric Video]
  2. Cimmeria
  3. The Great Plague
  4. Seven Swords Of Wayland
  5. Remembered
  6. The Siege
  7. Necronomicon
  8. Cold Are The Graves


Michał Strzelecki – vocals
Tomasz Gurgul – guitars
Filip Malinowski – bass
Maciej Berniak – drums


Monasterium is a Polish band founded in 2014 and dedicated to epic heavy/doom metal. All members of the brotherhood are experienced musicians sharing passion, common vision and belief in the power of traditional metal. These virtues have brought them to their eponymous first full length album released in May 2016 by No Remorse Records.

Monasterium won critical acclaim of the metal underground and was promoted live at the highly esteemed European metal festivals: Hammer Of Doom, Up The Hammers, Malta Doom Metal Festival, Doom over Vienna, and the Seeds of Doom festival.

In 2019 Monasterium released sophomore album Church Of Bones via Nine Records. While offering a broad variety in the songwriting, all eight anthems are the worship of the classic sound and stand tall in the fight for true metal.

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